Lives Changed...

Tom and Betty arrived at the shelter when it opened in December with their two children, ages 2 and 4. They were homeless and only very recently recovered from substance abuse. This highly vulnerable couple was committed to working with the programs available at Operation HOPE to return to a normal and independent life. When the shelter closed in March they were transitioned to Solutions for Change and continued to pursue their goal. They graduated from Solutions and moved to permanent housing.

Tom now holds a full-time union position and his family has attained the stability they sought. The extent of this personal and family stability was demonstrated when the family was able to successfully weather the storm of having their oldest child diagnosed with and successfully treated for an advanced childhood cancer.

Veronica and her three children came to the shelter when it opened in December of last year. She was so frightened that the shelter manager spent some time with her to reassure her that she was safe at Operation HOPE. She had nowhere else to go. She was a victim of domestic violence and a husband who had all the advantages.

In the shelter the children blossomed and excelled in school. Her husband attempted to obtain custody of the children during the shelter season but with legal assistance and job preparation she was able to retain it. She is now in permanent housing and employed, caring for her children and growing in her newfound independence.


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Clients are...

required to remain free of the influence of alcohol or drugs

required to work with a case manager.

required to not panhandle or loiter in public places.

required to work on their case plan daily.

required to help maintain the shelter cleanliness and security.

required to help keep the shelter free of weapons, drugs, alcohol, and violence.

required to treat all others in the shelter with respect and courtesy.

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