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During June, 2010, the Department of Housing and Urban Development issued its 2009 annual homeless assessment report to congress, finding primarily that while individual homelessness appeared to be down; family homelessness ended up for a second straight year.

The report found that the total number of homeless persons in America dropped slightly between 2008 and 2009 although the number of homeless families increased, almost certainly due to the ongoing effects of the recession (see 2009 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress) a yearly study by the HUD designed to measure the scope of homelessness across the country.)

HUDs latest report finds that 643,000 persons were homeless on a given night in 2009 while roughly 1.56 million people, or one in every 200 Americans, spent at least one night in a shelter during 2009. While the total estimated number of persons who experience homelessness as individuals declined by 5 percent, the number of homeless families increased for the second straight year.

As a nation, we appear to be doing a better job sheltering those who might otherwise be living on our streets but clearly homelessness is impacting a greater share of families with children, said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan. As patterns of homelessness change, we must use the latest data to tailor our response. The Administration is committed to ending homelessness in all its forms.


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